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    Cash for Containers - Western Australia


    In August 2016, the Western Australian Government under the then Liberal Premier, Colin Barnett announced that it would commit to a container deposit scheme. In September 2017, after an election, the WA Government, under ALP Premier Mark McGowan confirmed that the WA CDS would indeed go ahead and that it was scheduled to commence in January 2019.

    In light of the implementation of a state-wide ban on lightweight plastic shopping bags and acknowledgement of the criticisms arising from a short implementation period for the NSW CDS in 2017, a decision was taken by the McGowan government to delay the establishment of the scheme until early 2020, to allow adequate time to plan and implement the scheme effectively across Australia’s largest state.

    Legislation to establish the scheme – The Waste Avoidance Resource Recovery Amendment (Container Deposit) Bill 2018 – was passed in the WA Parliament in March, 2019, after a public consultation that received more than 3000 submissions and demonstrated an overwhelming level of public support for the scheme.

    The WA Government estimates that over a 20-year period, the scheme will prevent more than 700 million beverage containers from entering the litter stream and almost 6 billion containers from being sent to landfill, with a net positive benefit to the WA economy of more than $150 million. It is also anticipated that the scheme will create around 500 jobs in support of the infrastructure and processing frameworks that will emerge as the scheme gets underway.

    Boomerang Alliance has been actively supporting the WA Government work to design the CDS scheme and we look forward to its implementation early in 2020.

    For more information about the WA CDS


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    Cash for Containers - SA


    The South Australian Container Deposit Scheme is the legacy Australian scheme, having commenced in 1977. Collecting more than 600 million containers in 2017-18 and employing more than 5,000 people across the state through waste and recycling services, the South Australian scheme received a National Trust Heritage Icon Award in 2017. The award recognised the positive impact that the scheme has had in reducing litter and conserving the state’s environment over its 40 years of operation.

    The ongoing benefits of the scheme are readily apparent. SA reports that beverage containers make up less than 3% of the state’s litter stream, which represents the lowest percentage in any Australian state. Similarly, the SA Environment Protection Authority reports a return rate of 76.9% for eligible beverage containers. In addition, the scheme proudly boasts a long history of supporting charities and community groups like the SA Scouting Association, which have benefited significantly from revenue received in the form of refunds donated by the SA community over many years.

    For more information about the SA CDS


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    Cash for Containers - ACT


    The ACT Government announced in September 2016 that they would introduce a Container Deposit Scheme (CDS) in early 2018 to reduce litter, recover eligible containers, increase the recycling rates of used beverage containers and help engage the community in active and positive recycling behaviours.

    The scheme was officially launched on June 30th, 2018 and reported the collection of more than 450,000 containers in the first month of operation, equating to more than $45,000 in refunds paid out.

    The ACT scheme is operated through a combination of Bag Drop and Go locations for returns of up to 500 containers, and Bulk Depots which can handle the return of more than 500 containers at a time. The return points are operated by charities including Vinnies, the Salvos and Anglicare, which benefit through the receipt of deposits donated by the ACT community, as well as driving increased shopper traffic to the charities’ stores and helping to increase sales revenue.

    The scheme has also provided a great social enterprise model, providing employment opportunities for people with disabilities under the NDIS, through organisations such as LEAD and Sharing Places.

    The materials being collected through the ACT CDS are also finding uses. Glass, plastics and other recyclables are being combined into a new road surfacing material called Reconophalt, which is being trialled in road projects around Canberra.

    For a full list of returns points in the ACT, visit the ACT CDS website: https://actcds.com.au/return-points/

    The ACT CDS is administered by the ACT Government under the Waste Management and Resource Recovery Amendment ACT 2017 and the Waste Management and Resource Recovery (Container Deposit Scheme) Amendment Regulation 2018 (No 1)


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  • Join our Twitter Storm to #BanTheBag



    The next few weeks are critical for increasing community pressure on the three states that are yet to commit to a ban on single use plastic bags before the annual environment ministers meeting held at the end of June.

    We need your continued support to help increase community pressure on New South Wales, Western Australia and Victoria to ensure that all Australian states commit to a ban.  As part of our accelerating campaign in the runup to the meeting:

    Please join the Twitter Storm on Tuesday 23 May (World Turtle Day) from 12pm till 1pm AEST.

    twitter storm is a tweet event where many people post at the same time on a topic using a designated hashtag in order to make the hashtag trend. This will be noticed by the state Premiers and also help spread the message through social media.

    Please do not 'retweet' but instead copy/paste the suggested tweets or make up your own with #BanTheBag and #NoMoreExcuses hashtags and @GladysB @MarkMcGowanMP and @DanielAndrewsMP. You can also attach pictures on littered bags.

    The suggested tweets are:

    The community is ready. Australia needs to #BanTheBag #NoMoreExcuses @GladysB @MarkMcGowanMP @DanielAndrewsMP

    Australia needs to #BanTheBag #NoMoreExcuses @GladysB @MarkMcGowanMP @DanielAndrewsMP

    We need to protect our oceans! It's time to #BanTheBag #NoMoreExcuses @GladysB @MarkMcGowanMP @DanielAndrewsMP

    #NoMoreExcuses @GladysB @MarkMcGowanMP @DanielAndrewsMP We demand a ban on plastic bags! #BanTheBag

    #NoMoreExcuses @GladysB @MarkMcGowanMP @DanielAndrewsMP Stop killing our oceans! It's time to #BanTheBag

    Do the right thing @GladysB @MarkMcGowanMP @DanielAndrewsMP #NoMoreExcuses #BanTheBag

    Step up and #BanTheBag @GladysB @MarkMcGowanMP @DanielAndrewsMP #NoMoreExcuses

    Plastic kills – help protect our oceans now! It's time to #BanTheBag #NoMoreExcuses @GladysB @MarkMcGowanMP @DanielAndrewsMP

    Don't pass the buck @GladysB @MarkMcGowanMP @DanielAndrewsMP #BanTheBag


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    Give Our Oceans a Voice - NSW, VIC & WA Need to Ban the Bag

    We need to ensure our oceans have a voice!


    The next couple of months are critical for increasing political pressure to achieve a ban on plastic bags. 

    Plastic bags are only used for 12 minutes on average before they are thrown away! Many of them end up in our oceans and have deadly consequences for marine life for hundreds of years. It's time NSW, VIC and WA banned the bag!

    We just can't afford to wait any longer and we have all the information we need to justify a ban. Four states have already phased out plastic bags, with QLD joining just recently. The upcoming environment ministers meeting in June 2017 is a key moment to put pressure on the current NSW, VIC & WA Government. The time to act is now!

    You have the power to make a positive difference for our oceans and marine life and to engage with a topic you are passionate about. Your contribution would be an important part of our push on plastic bags in the coming weeks.

    To help our oceans and make our message be heard add your voice today:

    1. Email the Premier, Environment Minister and Opposition Leader in NSW, VIC & WA, explaining why you care and why this issue is important to you is the most effective tool of advocacy.

    2. Send a letter to your local paper asking for a ban on single use lightweight plastic bags.


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    Ask the Victorian Government to adopt a world class container deposit scheme

    2016 has been a positive year for Australia in terms of reducing beverage litter, with NSW, Queensland, WA and the ACT all commiting to a container deposit scheme (CDS). South Australia have had a CDS for decades and the Northern Territory implemented one in 2012.

    Victoria is the only mainland state that has yet to commit.


    The Boomerang Alliance is now joining forces with Victorian community organisations and groups to push for action. The Victorian government is defending inaction on CDS with questionable statistics on litter and recycling rates. We are taking actions to dispell myths, raise awareness and work to present the true cost of inaction. The feedback we get from the community is that of overwhelming support for a CDS. Cash for container schemes cut litter, increase recycling rates, create jobs and support the local community by providing income to charities willing to collect cans and bottles.

    We want Victoria to become active NOW and commit to a container deposit scheme, harmonised with other states, in 2017!


    • Sign this petition to Lily D'Ambrosio asking for a CDS

    • Sign up to our campaign and join us in clean-ups, media stunts and other actions

    • Donate to our campaign


    A container deposit scheme is based on a refundable deposit able to be redeemed by the consumer or collectors at convenient locations. In other words, people get cash for recycling their containers. There are over 40 such systems around the world including in South Australia and the Northern Territory.  In SA which has a 10 cent deposit, over 85% of containers are recycled.



    4,674 signatures

    Dear Ms D'Ambrosio,

    I support the introduction of a 10c refundable deposit on bottles and cans to clean up litter and increase recycling, in VICTORIA. Newspolls results (conducted in Nov 2013) show that I am not alone – almost 80% of Victorians agree.

    As you know container deposits have operated successfully in South Australia for nearly 40 years and they are effective in over 40 places around the world. Cash for Containers has led to a significant increase in recycling rates in the Northern Territory since introduction in 2012.

    The NSW Government has announced that they will introduce Cash for Containers – beginning in July 2017 and the Queensland Government is working to join up with NSW in 2018.  I want Victoria to be part of a harmonised east coast Container Deposit System.

    Western Australia has also indicated it intends to introduce Cash for Containers - so Victoria looks like being the last mainland state to bring in this proven policy to reduce litter and increase beverage container recycling.

    I support a modern, efficient, convenient and low-cost container deposit system. The social and economic benefits include more jobs in resource recovery and a new source of income for charities. The environmental benefits are enormous with less plastic and other pollution in our waterways, parks and roadsides.

    Litter studies by Sustainability Victoria show an increasing problem with drink containers and many of our waterways experience serious container litter. The Senate Inquiry into Marine Plastic Pollution also recommended State Governments introduce a Container Deposit System by 2020 or Federal action may be warranted. Local councils in the city and country can also benefit from Cash for Containers.

    I call on you to introduce a 10c refundable deposit on bottles and cans in VICTORIA – to reduce the litter and increase the recycling of beverage containers.

    Yours sincerely

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    NSW CDS Survey Results - The features you want

    Convenience and information, is it really that difficult?
    Big Supermarkets like Coles and Woolworths have decided not to provide space for convenient container redemption.

    We recently conducted a survey asking you what you thought of the current NSW CDS draft. You told us that you want convenience and agreed that retailers should provide space and information for redeeming your containers.

    With the finish line in sight, let these supermarket giants know that you will feel robbed if you cannot redeem your containers while on a shopping trip!

    Read more