We need an effective Marine Plastic Treaty

With an estimated 11 million tonnes of plastic waste entering our oceans every year – global, national and local action is vital to stop this. The Boomerang Alliance is working at all three levels and now we have joined the push for a marine plastic treaty.

Australia, with its vast ocean estate and place in the Indo-Pacific must play an active role.

The good news is that the Australian Government has announced support for a global treaty and is now consulting key groups about its contents. We need an effective and binding contract and Australia should be a leader in the negotiations and strengthen the voice of Pacific nations. We should aim for zero plastic pollution.

The Australian position will be finalised over November-January, with the UN meeting in February, 2022.

We are asking for your help by contacting PM Scott Morrison and Environment Minister, Sussan Ley through their online contact forms.


You can use the following points and easy links to contact the government:

  • Thank you for supporting a global treaty on marine plastic pollution.

  • We need a treaty with ambitious targets to stop plastic pollution that also provides investment and support for countries without adequate waste prevention and recycling; and is enforceable.

  • I hope that the Australian Government can lead by convincing other nations to join and support an effective treaty that will quickly bring plastic pollution under control.