21 Jun 2023 - Senate inquiry into Greenwashing

The Boomerang Alliance provided feedback on combating greenwash and support the need to include legislative action to help eliminate greenwash in the waste and recycling sector.


6 Apr 2023 - Phasing out single use plastics in the Northern Territory

The Boomerang Alliance provided a perspective on phasing out identified single use plastics in the Northern Territory.


4 Apr 2023 - Northern Territory improving the Container Deposit Scheme

The Boomerang Alliance submitted a joint submission with the Total Environment Centre on further proposals to improve the NT Container Deposit Scheme (CDS).


22 Dec 2022 - Inquiry into the impacts of plastic pollution in Australia's oceans and waterways

Boomerang Alliance submitted a joint submission to House of Representatives Standing Committee Inquiry into the impacts of plastic pollution in Australia’s oceans and waterways with Total Environment Centre and AUSMAP.


13 May 2022 - Victoria's Single Use Plastic Ban Draft Regulations

The Victorian Government proposes to ban the above items in February 2023. These bans go some way towards Victoria catching up with South Australia, Queensland, the ACT, Western Australia, and New South Wales who have either already introduced or plan to introduce bans before the end of 2022. The Victorian government is now seeking feedback on the draft Regulations and the Regulatory Impact Statement.


15 Feb 2022 - Turning the Tide: The Future of Single Use Plastics in South Australia

South Australia is planning to ban more plastic items adding to the ban on plastic straws, stirrers and cutlery, soon to be expanded to polystyrene cups and containers and oxo-degradable products in March 2022. The SA Government is now seeking views on items including coffee cups and lids, plastic cups and lids, produce bags, bread tags, and confetti.


14 Feb 2022 - Northern Territory Circular Economy Strategy

In our submission on the Northern Territory Draft Circular Economy Strategy 2022-27, the Boomerang Alliance has welcomed the NT Government seeking to develop a circular economy on waste and resource recovery. We remain concerned that the NT having acted earlier than most other Australian jurisdictions on a container deposit scheme and plastic bags, has still not acted on other single use plastics. We have urged the NT Government to introduce bans on problem single use takeaway plastic packaging as soon as possible.


28 Jan 2022 - Queensland Single-Use Plastics Ban Expansion

In 2021 Queensland banned plastic straws, stirrers,cutlery, bowls and plates and expanded polystyrene cups and containers. The government now proposes to expand upon that list by adding plastic cups and lids, coffee cups and lids,heavy duty plastic bags, cotton bud and balloons sticks, microbeads, bread bag tags, EPS meat trays, plastic wraps on newspapers and loose polystyrene packaging. The government also seeks views on adding plastic takeaway containers, balloons, bait bags and sauce/condiment sachets.


27 Oct 2021 - Draft Standard DR AS/NZS 5328, Flushable Products

The toilet is not a bin and the most important question should not be "can it be flushed?" or "is it flushable?" but "SHOULD it be flushed?"