Who We Are

In 2003 Dave West and a group of passionate people began to campaign for a container deposit system across Australia and decided to create an alliance among all sorts of environmental groups – from surfers to recyclers, to clean up and neighbourhood groups - to give local communities power and influence in their struggle to stem the massive waste of discarded resources polluting our playgrounds, parks, rivers and beaches. The Boomerang Alliance quickly grew from 9 groups and now comprises 49 national, state and local allies. Boomerang is an incorporated association and registered charity.  Each of our allies has the right to their own policies, and decides the level of support they give to our campaigns.

Meet the team


Jeff Angel Director      
      Annett Finger Campaigner, Victoria
Toby Hutcheon Queensland Manager   Kellie Lindsay Program Manager, Plastic Free Places
Lisa Wriley Community Campaigner   Stephen Milton Communication Officer
      Rianti Bieler Campaigner, IT & Research Support