Plastic Pollution Resources


Resource Title Date Resource Type
BA Guide to sustainable takeaway/delivery packaging (and tips to reduce costs) March, 2020 reports
Re: Waste, recycling and plastic pollution issues at next Ministers of Environment Meeting August, 2019 reports
Submission on the draft Commonwealth Threat Abatement Plan (TAP) for the Impacts of Marine Debris on Vertebrate Marine Life April, 2017 Report
Submission on Implementing a Lightweight Plastic Shopping Bag Ban in Queensland February, 2017 report
Threat Abatement Plan: Marine Plastic Pollution November, 2016 Report
Understanding the Economic Benefits and Costs of Controlling Marine Debris in the APEC Region October, 2016 Report
Amendment to Biodegradable Plastics Suitable for Composting September, 2016 Report
Biodegradable Plastics Suitable for Composting September, 2016 Report
UNEP Biodegradable Plastics and Marine Litter September, 2016 Report
Valuing Plastic September, 2016 Report
Microplastics in the Marine Environment August, 2016 Report
Sources of Microplastics relevant to marine protection in Germany August, 2016 Report
GESAMP Microplastics in the Marine Environment August, 2016 Report
Sources of microplastic-pollution to the marine environment August, 2016 Report
Understanding the types, sources and at-sea distribution of marine debris in Australia Waters August, 2016 Report
Toxic tide: the threat of marine plastic pollution in Australia April, 2016 Report
Extracts from Senate report on plastic pollution April, 2016 Report
Submission into Senate Inquiry on the Threat of Marine Plastic October, 2015 Report
Queensland's plastic pollution crisis June, 2015 Report

Fact Sheets

Resource Title Date Resource Type
What's the Plan B for packaging? May, 2021 Fact Sheets
NSW - Act now on plastic pollution November, 2020 Fact Sheets
Communities Taking Control - Reducing your Plastic Footprint (Noosa) June, 2017 fact sheet
The toxic tide of plastic in australian waters and how to solve it November, 2016 fact sheet
Position on Plastic Bag Packaging February, 2016 Fact Sheet
Let's put an end to marine plastic pollution - Presentation December, 2015 Fact Sheet
Plastic does not go away - infographics November, 2015 fact sheet
Time to say no plastic bags in NSW - Flyer August, 2015 Fact Sheet
Light weight plastic bag - Briefing note August, 2015 Fact Sheet

Media Releases

Resource Title Date Resource Type
Plastic Pollution Treaty takes a big step 03 March, 2022 Media Release
Plastic Bans Move up a Gear 06 December, 2021 Media Release
South Australia – next steps on single-use plastics ban 06 December, 2021 Media Release
Queensland Expanding Single-Use Plastics Ban 06 December, 2021 Media Release
Industry Packaging Covenant admits failure on national targets 18 November, 2021 Media Release
At last! NSW moves on plastic ban 21 October, 2021 Media Release
Big W flouts QLD Plastic Ban 01 October, 2021 Media Release
Boag gets it wrong on Container Deposit Scheme 18 September, 2021 Media Release
The end of plastic collectibles welcomed 22 July, 2021 Media Release
Plastic bans forge ahead 15 June, 2021 Media Release
NSW takes major steps on plastic and waste 13 June, 2021 Media Release
NSW non-existant plastic pollution policy shame 30 May, 2021 Media Release
Plastic Pact – don’t get too excited. Plan B released 18 May, 2021 Media Release
Reducing Plastic Pollution: election policies make headway 29 April, 2021 Media Release
VIC Container Deposit Scheme – best choice for community, consumers and environment 14 April, 2021 Media Release
Bans on Single Use Plastics must occur in next Tas Parliament 12 April, 2021 Media Release
ACT becomes a leading jurisdiction to ban single use plastics 31 March, 2021 Media Release
Queensland Bans Plastic Takeaway items 10 March, 2021 Media Release
Commonwealth Plastic Plan will move nation forward on plastic pollution 04 March, 2021 Media Release
NSW - Act now on plastic pollution 20 November, 2020 Media Release
Boomerang Alliance Calls for National Ban on Polluting Takeaway Plastics in 2021 28 June, 2020 Media Release
Boomerang Alliance Welcomes Cafes and Restaurant Reopening, but keep them Plastic-Free 13 May, 2020 Media Release
South Australia Leads in Reducing Polluting Single Use Plastics 06 May, 2020 Media Release
Dealing with COVID-19 Shut Down: How takeaway food and drink services can be Plastic Free 31 March, 2020 Media Release
Environment groups: use Plastics Summit to mandate recycling target 01 March, 2020 Media Release
Environment Ministers Agree on Recycling Plan timetable – then go home 08 November, 2019 Media Release
Queensland Steps Up on Phase-out of Single-Use Plastics 07 November, 2019 Media Release
Parliament Can Act on Solutions to Harmful Plastics and Packaging 13 September, 2019 Media Release
Council Plastic Free Event Guide Released 22 July, 2019 Media Release
SA Single Use Ban, Groundbreaking 08 July, 2019 Media Release
NSW Plastic Ban and Letters 06 June, 2018 Media Release
Industry and Green Groups call for Recycling Leadership at Friday’s Ministerial Council Meeting 24 April, 2018 Media Release
Australia urged to join Commonwealth Clean Oceans Alliance 16 April, 2018 Media Release
Abundant evidence already available to support plastic bag bans 07 April, 2018 Media Release
World Water Day - Plastic Pollution Danger to Clean Water 22 March, 2018 Media Release
Waste leavy critical for Queensand 21 March, 2018 Media Release
Boomerang Alliance Supports Clean Up Australia Day and our Changing Plastic Habits 27 February, 2018 Media Release
Decision time: Australia awash with recyclable material as China’s import ban bites 05 February, 2018 Media Release
National Recycling Label launched amidst stagnating recycling rates 31 January, 2018 Media Release
Global commitment to plastic pollution 'planetary crisis'‘ - What is Australia’s response? 12 December, 2017 Media Release
Boomerang Alliance calls for all Queensland political parties to support policies on the next steps to reduce plastic litter and waste 14 November, 2017 Media Releases
It’s official: You can get money back for your drink container, but no more plastic bags 06 September, 2017 Media Releases
Plastic Bag Ban and Container Refund Scheme Bill Becomes Law in Queensland 06 September, 2017 Media Release
Plastic Bag Ban – NSW blocks progress 28 July, 2017 Media Releases
Plastic Bag Ban – NSW to fail? 25 July, 2017 Media Releases
Woolworths, Coles & Harris Farm Bag Ban puts heat on Environment Ministers 14 July, 2017 Media Releases
Queensland Plastic Bag Ban and Cash for Containers Bill Introduced Parliament 14 June, 2017 Media Releases
Open Letter to Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews 13 June, 2017 Media Releases
WA Closer to Banning Plastic Bags 03 May, 2017 Media Releases
Victoria’s Toxic Plastic Tide: government should act 30 November, 2016 Media Releases
Stop the Toxic Tide: Marine Plastics Report Released 29 November, 2016 Media Releases
NSW and VIC Sit on Their Hands 25 November, 2016 Media Releases
Queensland Bans Plastic Bags 25 November, 2016 Media Releases
Queensland LNP’s Support for Plastic Bag Ban – ‘major step’ 21 November, 2016 Media Releases
Will NSW, QLD and VIC move on plastic bags? 17 November, 2016 Media Releases
Senate inquiry sounds long and loud alarm on marine plastic pollution 20 April, 2016 Media Releases
Backgrounder: Governments all at sea on marine plastic 17 February, 2016 Media Releases
Governments all at sea on marine plastic 17 February, 2016 Media Releases
Risso petition media release 04 December, 2015 Media Releases
NSW Labor Plastic Bags Media Release 04 December, 2015 Media Releases
Call for Action on Plastic Bags 16 November, 2015 Media Releases
NSW takes first step toward a ban on plastic bags 14 August, 2015 Media Releases
64% of NSW residents want a ban on plastic bags 12 August, 2015 Media Releases
Over 12,000 NSW voters back a plastic bag ban in NSW 04 June, 2015 Media Releases

Opinion Polls

Resource Title Date Resource Type
Omnipoll report 2017 - plastic bags May, 2017 opinion poll
Omnipoll report 2015 - plastic bags July, 2015 Opinion Polls