SUPtember News

SUPtember: is a whole month dedicated to getting rid of Single Use Plastics (bad SUP’s) across Australia, as part of our Zero Plastic Pollution campaign - join in 30 days of actions, ideas and inspiration to tackle this significant part of plastic pollution. Be the change we want to see in the sea!

Check out our calendar of activities featuring events and actions planned by community organisations around the country. We will also be focused on four key products that we can all stop using (and encouraging others to follow suit). These are plastic bags, straws, takeaway containers (including polystyrene) and plastic cups and bottles.


Five Things to do in SUPtember to avoid the plastic bag:

  • Refuse a single-use plastic bag if offered at retail or takeaway
  • Use your own bag whenever possible (carry a small fold-up reusable bag in your own handbag, satchel or briefcase for unplanned purchases)
  • Always take a genuine reusable bag when grocery shopping. Refuse a shop's thicker plastic bag.
  • Don’t use a plastic barrier bag for fruit and vegetables when shopping (carry spare reusable mesh bags for this purpose)
  • Avoid plastic bin liners-ask yourself do you really need one?

Check out our Facebook page next week for further actions on other items.

If you are a NSW resident please send an email to the Minister of the Environment, The Hon. Matt Kean and ask when the plastic bag ban and action on other plastics is going to happen



We are counting on our wonderful SUPporters to distribute Good SUP, Bad SUP cards to businesses to express their gratitude to businesses making an effort to go Single-Use Plastic free or to politely encourage businesses who are still using Single-Use Plastics to make the switch to re-usable or compostable. Order the cards in the BA shop, or email Lisa if you need a large quantity for your community group or organisation, or don't have the funds to buy them at cost price.