NT Plastics and Recycling Move Up a Gear

The release of the Northern Territory Circular Economy Strategy is a welcome step up, to grow recycling and curb plastic pollution.

The Territory’s management of waste and recycling has been pretty abysmal to date and the new Strategy should set it along the path to significant improvement, although Boomerang Alliance would like the government to move faster on the single use plastic bans.

Given other states are successfully transitioning to avoidance and non-plastic alternatives on quicker timeframes and business is adjusting well, the NT should set a date of mid-2023 for the ban on plastic - heavyweight bags, straws, cutlery, EPS food containers, plates and bowls to take effect. The ban on release of helium balloons is a great move putting the Territory near the top of such state actions.

There’s a lot of work on the new regulatory regime needed as circular economy principles and processes will require effective implementation. Boomerang Alliance is pleased that the Strategy also commits to targets for recycled content in buildings and civil construction.