Help to ditch plastic scourge

Businesses will be able to get free advice from environment professionals as the city continues its push to phase out single-use plastics.

Plastic Free Places, run by the Boomerang Alliance, is a program that works directly with food retailers, events and markets to assist their switch from single-use plastics to better alternatives.

The free service allows business owners to go online and ask questions or tee up a consultation with a member of the program.

In 2020 the Hobart City Council brought in a by-law banning the provision of single-use plastic takeaway food packaging and related items.

National program director Kellie Lindsay said it can be hard for businesses to know what alternatives to use. "There are a lot of green-washed products out there," she said.

"For example a lot of businesses are told plastic coffee cup lids are biodegradable when in fact they aren't."

State program co-ordinator Dan Broun said he has been working with a lot of local businesses directly to see if they can improve their current practices.

Business owner Patrick Meagher is one of many locals who has benefited from the program. "A lot of people want to do the right thing but don't know how, so it was fantastic to get the support, "he said.


This article was written by Sarah Perillo and first published by The Mercury on 7th Oct 2022