Day 9 - Walk about with the Big Bottle

Echuca shenanigans: Farmers market, radio interview, Big Bottle walk about.

Yesterday we set up at the Echuca Farmers Market. Right next to the Boomerang Bags – which are offered for free by a very active local Boomerang Bag group to shoppers, so they can avoid using plastic bags.

Even the "10 cent Solution to Plastic Pollution" banner got another airing:

As usual we drew a crowd and collected three more bags of containers and many signatures.

Sam had organised a radio interview for me with local radio station EMFM. The radio host Roger and I got to talk about the tour and the campaign for half an hour.

Then we did something we’ve been wanting to do for a while but lacked the manpower for… take the Big Bottle for a walk around town. We took all 22 bags full of containers out of it and took it for a stroll around Echuca Port. Here is our junior campaigner Camille with the Big Bottle.


And this is what the inside of the Big Bottle looks like after we've filled it back up with the containers:

We are close to being full and yet, we have four more places to go. Not sure what we'll do…. we are open to suggestions!

From 1 pm today, we will be on the Main Street in Beechworth – come and say hi!




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