Day 14 - Last but not least in Ballarat

The great crew of No Waste Ballarat talked us into extending the tour to finish off in Ballarat and what a fitting end to an amazing tour it was!

The media madness continued on the last day of the tour in Ballarat: 3 radio, 1 TV and 2 newspaper interviews, all within a couple of hours. We talked to Cr Belinda Coates, who was very supportive. The crew from No Waste Ballarat held up the "10 cent Solution To Marine Pollution", which made it into the media again.  

Later that evening we went to a Centre to show the documentary "Baykeepers" and talked some more about the Big Bottle tour, followed by a bit of a Q&A.

After that, we took the Big Bottle bottle home to Melbourne. We are currently brain-storming ideas for the delivery of containers. What do you think will make an appropriate end to this campaign action, plus have the best chance of making a deciding impact on the Premier and the Leader of the Opposition?

Let us know on [email protected]!




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