Day 8 - Being kinky in Echuca

We drove from Mildura to Echuca, stopping over in Swanhill for a few signatures and quick lunch. Remember, I said something about a kink in the Big Bottle's neck? Well, that kink got kinkier! We had to pull over and do a quick repair with a lot of duct tape, as she started to catch the wind in some tears, due to the weight of all the containers we collected and 'bought' along the tour.

Our local Echuca champion, Sam Ferrier from Plastic Bag Free Echuca-Moama, arranged a tour of the local MRF - the Materials Recovery Facility. It was really good to see where our recycling ends up and how it gets processed. We also did an interview with Charmayne from the Riverine Herald and posed with a Bottle that was a little worse for wear. 

It was lucky we didn't have much else planned, so we could focus on giving some much needed TLC to the Bottle. Travis built a hammock from rope to rest the Bottle on. So she's proper lying down now, which relieves the stress on her neck. 

The Bottle is fixed: Travis (lying down) and Rowan Ferrier, our new friend

Travis will leave the tour here. He's been an absolute legend, volunteering his time, ute and considerable skills for this campaign! Please show him some love by visiting his facebook page "Our Wonderful Country Clean Up Project".

From tomorrow, it'll be my colleague Rachel, her hubby Cedric, their little boy Camille and myself continuing the tour. We are at the Echuca Farmer's Market tomorrow from 8 am to midday. Come and say hi to us if you are around! 




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