Day 5 - Scouts' Honour in Port Fairy

The 1st Port Fairy Sea Scouts were very eager to host the Big Bottle and the council was kind to permit us to go onto Fiddler's Green. We got a spill-over of Warrnambool-residents who had missed us yesterday (told you they were eager!) and plenty of Port Fairy folk. The sentiment expressed was again "why don't we have this already?", "what can we do to help speed up the process?".

Andrea Fitzgerald and Paula Tovey from the Moyne Shire Council made the trip to see us and go on record to say that the council is "in full support of our campaign". They know all too well the challenges recycling is facing and see a container deposit scheme as an effective solution.

The scouts took sign-up sheets to the main street and filled many pages. At the end, we took out our gorgeous "10 cent solution" banner to pose in front of the Big Bottle.

Then Group leader Michelle Arnold, Cub leader Toni Arnold, cub scout Alexa and scout Jordan took me to check out their scout hall and the crate overfull with collected cans. See the video for what the story is with that crate!

If you're early to rise, you can catch me on ABC Southwest breakfast radio with Jeremy Lee at 6:50 am tomorrow morning. Then we're off to Hamilton at 10 am to 12 pm outside the library - come and say hi!

Also, massive thanks to my mates Max, Ian, Jaqui, Rianna and Bear for hosting us!


Annett :-)


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