Day 3 - Easter hunt for containers

The Stawell Urban Landcare group came out to do a clean-up with us this morning. All up, eight of us cleaned 1 km stretch of both sides of a road going into Stawell. It took us just under an hour. About a third of it, three full bags, were drink containers, an estimated $30 worth under the scheme. The Victorian government says that Victoria is the cleanest state - John Pye (Stawell Urban Landcare) laughed and said: "Well, then the other states must be absolutely filthy!". With all other mainland states soon having a refund scheme - Victoria will be the dirtiest state, no matter which statistics you manage to scramble up...  the CSIRO recently published a report saying that jurisdictions with a refund scheme had 40% less container litter, even more so in lower social-economic areas. The amount of bottles and cans along a local road that is regularly cleaned was astonishing. 

Check out our Easter hunt collection below. Next stop Warrnambool - see you tomorrow on Pertobe Rd from 2 to 4 pm! 

PS: The Big Bottle's inside frame has been expertly restored - thank you so much to our incredible hosts John and Bonnie!!


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