Day 1 on the road

We are on the road! "We" is myself and Travis from "Our Wonderful Country Clean Up Project". Travis offered his time, ute and services for this tour and we think he's an absolute legend! 

This whole campaign wouldn't be possible without the many donations and kind support we have received from so many Victorians! For instance, Ross and Ramona from Beach Patrol housed the Big Bottle over the last couple of months. They know how many drink containers are littered and they are tired of picking them up during their clean-ups. They are keen supporters of the Big Bottle tour because they know that Container Refund Schemes work.

I'm excited about this tour and I hope to take you guys with me - via this blog, by telling you about the people we'll meet, the issues and fun bits we'll encounter. Plenty of container litter on the A8, but we are on a mission to Stawell. Come and say hi to us tomorrow at the Stawell Street Festival!

Annett & The Big Bottle


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