Day 11 - Enlightened in Shepparton

For the keen observer - no, we didn't really have plans to stop in Shepparton

In the morning we attended the meeting of the North East Region Sustainability Alliance and told them about our experiences on tour to bring container refunds to Victoria. We heard about some of the great initiatives they are working on. Beechworth and surrounding towns are such a hotspot for great environmental actions - well done!

After lunch we took off to Bendigo and decided to stop in Shepparton to become "enlightened". We just didn't want to take the risk of the Big Bottle breaking apart under the strain of all the containers we have been collecting over 11 days of campaigning. We pulled in at Pack&Send and had quite the struggle to empty her out:

Once we explained what the cargo was and what this all was about, the lovely people at Pack&Send in Shepparton gave us a massive discount to have it all shipped to Melbourne. So, we want to give them a massive shout-out - thanks so much!

Today, we'll be in Bendigo at the Hargreaves Mall from midday until 3 pm - come and say hi!




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