Day 10 - Autumn feelings in Beechworth

Some autumn reflections in Beechworth.

Both the #BigBottle and I are feeling we're past the halfway mark (in more ways than one) and the pretty autumn colours of Beechworth are fitting those sentiments. 

Our friends from Plasticwise Beechworth had arranged a spot for us to park the #BigBottle and do refunds. We had a few keen collectors and many great discussions. Again, the message was clear: "We want to be able to do this all the time.. It would be great for our environment and the community!". 

Peeking into the back of the #BigBottle.

We even sold some campaign T-shirts. These teenagers were so enthusiastic to support our work, lack of cash or credit card processing ability on our side didn't stop them - they popped a donation straight into Boomerang Alliances' account and rode off into the sun with some shiny whites!

We were interviewed by two media outlets and retired to the Lake Sambell Caravan Park. Sue and Roger, the owners, let us stay for free after they heard what our campaign and the tour is about - thank you very much!!

Over a lovely dinner at our local champion's place, the Plasticwise Beechworth crew and us chatted long about community and grassroots and politics, while Coral from the Ovens and Murray Advertiser got the inside scoop on the tour. There are a lot of great things happening in Beechworth!

This was my view as I crawled out of my swag this morning:

We are speaking at a meeting of the North East Region Sustainability Alliance in Beechworth this morning and then we are off to Bendigo. We'll be giving out refunds at Hargreaves Mall from 12 to 3 pm. And we are very excited to meet up with Maree Edwards MP for the Bendigo West electorate to talk all things container refunds!

See you on the road,



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