Container Refund Scheme Expansion - States Line up

With NSW, the ACT, SA and Qld announcing proposed extension of the 10c refund schemes and more jurisdictions to follow – the Boomerang Alliance of 55 NGOs looks forward to hundreds of millions of more drink containers being recycled and an extra $150m each year into the pockets of households and charities in 2023.

The move will put Australia near the top of the international ranking in terms of CRS coverage. It's a testimony to the support of the community and their concern about the environment. Most in industry have also been supportive as we work to implement a circular economy where glass and plastic waste is no longer discarded, but recycled.

Schemes like container refunds are the best way to move beyond the comingled kerbside bin and maximise materials reuse. They deliver clean resources to be made into new products in Australia. In these days of supply chain problems, it gives our industry supply security and more jobs.

WA and the Northern Territory have also told us they will join the expansion review process, so that leaves Victoria and Tasmania who are planning to commence their refund schemes in 2023. We think that it should only take about 6-12 months to integrate the wine, spirits, juice and cordial products into each CRS. The sooner the better for the environment and economy.

The expansion includes:

* Wine, spirits, juice, cordial
* All eligible containers up to 3L