Boomerang Alliance Newsletter - Federal Election 2019

Federal Election 2019

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Less Waste, Less Plastic - More Solutions
There is broad appreciation in the community that we have a recycling crisis and that plastic is poisoning the oceans.  With the Federal Election Campaign now underway, we have an opportunity to push the political parties into solid commitments - with your help.
We will need to work hard over the next 5 weeks to make an impact. Boomerang will be producing social media collateral (posts and blog); making public comment; and liaising with allies and supportive industry.  As a valued supporter, there are some important actions you can take. Check out this Newsletter.
We know our issues are on the agenda.  Australia needs far reaching action and the next three years are absolutely vital to save recycling and stop the scourge of plastic pollution.
Thank you for your support,

Jeff Angel - Director of Boomerang Alliance


If we want the next federal government to work on solving the recycling crisis and plastic pollution of our oceans – we need to get active!

Working together we have achieved a lot in the last four years with the introduction of container deposit schemes (CDS) in NSW, QLD, ACT and shortly WA. We have seen new plastic bag bans introduced in QLD, WA and shortly Victoria (in addition to existing bans in SA, TAS and the ACT).  We nearly have national coverage. The exceptions are NSW (plastic bags) and Victoria and Tasmania (CDS).

But these were state and territory decisions – the Federal government was absent or even obstructive.

Now we have to save recycling, which is collapsing because our kerbside material is too contaminated for export; and get rid of single use plastics. And we can’t achieve this without concerted action and support from the Commonwealth.  Australia is in serious trouble if it doesn’t act.


Asian markets for our recyclable materials are closing down and local councils will send our kerbside recycling to landfill or incineration, unless a national response led by the Commonwealth invests in a domestic recycling industry. What gets collected for recycling must be recycled.


Everyone is becoming increasingly aware of the threats posed by plastic pollution. Much of the plastic packaging we use is excessive and unnecessary, and then wasted or littered. The Commonwealth has voiced support for agreements at international meetings and conferences – but done little else. We need concrete action.

There is a global shift in attitudes to single use plastics, with a growing number of countries banning them. The EU recently decided to phase out many plastic takeaway items by 2021. Around Australia many jurisdictions are now considering something similar.  However, action to overcome legal and economic barriers will be much easier at a national level.  

This is where a Commonwealth Government must act

There are no laws that control how much and what type of plastic packaging comes into this country, and most packaging is imported. State governments can’t make these laws, only the Commonwealth can. For example we need a law that requires all packaging used in the Australian market to be designed, firstly to minimise the resources used and, secondly to meet our requirements that it is actually reused, composted or recycled.

We have put forward a six point package:

  • Fund a Recycling Industry Development scheme – Boomerang and the industry are asking for $150 million

  • Phase out of single use plastic takeaway items (coffee cups/lids, straws, cups and containers and cutlery)

  • A total national ban on plastic bags and microbeads and introduction of a CDS in every state

  • Strengthen the Product Stewardship Act to make all packaging composted or recycled before 2025

  • Adopt a national Plastic Pollution Reduction Strategy for other dangerous or littered plastics

  • Support for global action and help for our neighbours to deal with plastic litter and waste
As an informed citizen, you are an influencer. Your views are listened to. Here are three things you can do.
  1. Frequently promote these issues on social media up to election day on May 18. The more voters know, the more they will make informed choices at the election. 

  2. Talk with friends and family about these issues, get them to act too.

  3. If you want to do more, give your views to local media and contact your local election candidates.
Check out Boomerang Alliance. We have planned a series of blogs and facts on each of the above asks, if you need more information; and ideas on what you could promote. We will be posting these on our Facebook, Instagram, twitter platforms and on our website.
Together let’s get the next government to work with us for less waste, less plastic and more solutions.
You could make a start with promoting this post: 5 key measures to build a sustainable industry

Words: Toby Hutcheon      Design: Rianti Bieler
We would not have been able to do all these works without our supporters. Please donate so we can continue our fight against plastic pollution.