ACT acts on fake green ‘’degradable’’ plastics

Today’s announcement by the ACT government that all oxodegradable plastics which have been polluting the environment for many years are now banned, was welcomed today by the Boomerang Alliance.

These plastics have been marketed as benign, when in fact they simply break down into microplastics that last for decades polluting the environment. The ACT joins with South Australia in taking this important action. Other states should not delay.

From today the ACT is also banning plastic straws and cotton buds with plastic sticks, together with cutlery, stirrers, and polystyrene takeaway plates, bowls and containers, banned last year.

The Boomerang Alliance has been concerned about greenwash loopholes in the face of increasing public concern about plastic pollution and waste; and industry responses to ban actions by states and territories. Oxodegradable plastics have for too long been given a free ride. Their time is up.