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    Looking for guidance on a strategy to approach a small food trader within a small local shopping centre.

    I often witness customers purchasing sushi and sitting to eat and then disposing of their (recyclable) single use plastic food ware into an adjacent centre bin. What’s the point in making ‘recyclables’ if 9/10 end up in landfill bins as no-one considers the follow up on dealing with it after purchase.

    General public should be made to take more responsibility for what they demand and consume….. particularly where single use plastics are concerned. Single use plastic food packaging issued by traders should come with a sticker warning that reminds the consumer of their responsibility to dispose of the packaging which they demand out of convenience. i.e. if no recyclable bin available then they should take it home and place in their own recyclable bin rather than in the ‘landfill bin’. As a society we have developed people’s dissociation from their responsibility toward waste i.e. now concert goers think nothing of dropping their waste as many know that someone will come in to clean up after them …… disconnection created. I remember always taking my waste home when I went to the movies as a young person but now people assume they have the right to leave their waste behind ….. again people are disconnected and take no responsibility for the waste they help generate.

    Should I approach the centre to consider providing an alternative waste bin to the ’landfill one? or encourage the trader to educate customers or encourage the trader to provide sustainable food ware for customers sitting down and only offer takeaway containers to those actually taking it away?

    Why aren’t local governments providing more incentives to local traders, particularly take away food traders who issue copious amounts of single use plastics which could be recyclable but hardly ever are as there is no support or systems in place for their collection and transporting etc….



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    Get on board Premier Gladys Berejeklian, get with the times, and do the right thing by banning plastic bags in NSW

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