Wise Up to SUPs

There are things we can all do to reduce our use of Single-Use Plastics (those Bad SUPs) - by simply refusing the items many of us can live without eg plastic straws and sauce sachets or remembering to BYO and choosing to re-use (bags, cups, straws, cutlery etc). Beyond our own actions we can also help bring about change in the community by giving positive feedback to businesses, organisations and individuals who are making an effort and encouraging those who aren't there yet to make the change.

As always you can also send a message to our Environment Ministers, State and Federal to tell them why you care about single-use plastics and the plastic waste and pollution they contribute to.  Use email, social media and even request an appointment.

Persistence pays of and you really do make a difference!  If you would like to take action with others consider volunteering with us.





Are there cafes or restaurants in your local area who have done the right thing and got rid of single-use plastic cutlery/coffee cups/straws/take away containers? Send them Gratitude cards to let them know that their effort hasn't gone unnoticed and is much appreciated. They can stick it on their wall as a badge of honour too!

The cards come in a pack of 10 or 25 and can be bought from our online store.

Buy a pack of Gratitude cards | More Information & FAQs


If your local cafes or restaurants are still using single-use plastic items, why not send them Be the Change cards to encourage them to switch to reusable or compostable alternatives. You can also point them to our Covid-19 Plastic Free Guide which will help them choose the right products. 

The cards come in a pack of 10 or 25 and can be bought from our online store.

Buy a pack of Be the Change cards | More Information & FAQs


SA, QLD, ACT and WA have earned congratulations for getting the ball rolling on SUP phase outs and need to keep up the momentum. NSW finally has released it's Plastic Action Plan and we await legislation.  But VIC, TAS, and NT are still not taking action in phasing out Single-Use Plastics and we need your help to send them a message of encouragement!

While you're at it, maybe attach a few photos of littered SUPs that you've picked up?

Use our email template | Find the contact detail of your State Environment Minister