What are you trying to achieve with your SUP cards?

The aim of our Good SUP, Bad SUP cards is to make it easy for community members to express gratitude to businesses making an effort to go Single-Use Plastic (Bad SUP) free or to politely encourage businesses who are still using Single-Use Plastics to make the switch to re-usable or compostable. Two good examples of Re-usable options include Green Caffeen and Globelet.
For single-use items look for accredited compostable items that will have the Australian Standard AS5810 (home compostable) or AS4736 (commercial compostable) on the label.


How do people use the SUP Gratitude Cards?

If you know a local business that has taken action to reduce or remove Single Use Plastics (bad SUPs) eg plastic straws, plastic cutlery or polystyrene, simply give them a Boomerang Alliance 'SUP Gratitude card' with a personal thank you message and share the news with Boomerang Alliance and your friends on social media. These businesses deserve our support and are leading the way in what will hopefully become the norm and help put an end to plastic pollution. The card is designed so that they can display it on their counter or wall, to share the love and thank their customers for their support.


How do people use the SUP Be the Change Cards?

If you know a local business that is using Single-Use Plastics (bad SUPs) eg plastic straws, plastic cutlery or polystyrene you can give them a Boomerang Alliance 'SUP Be the Change' card to encourage them to make the change to re-usable or compostable alternatives. The card has the Plastic Free Places website address on it to help them find out more about the alternatives and the greenwash products to be avoided. Check it out yourself:

We know businesses like cafes and restaurants are busy places and staff often don't have time for a chat so a card can be referred to later when they have time. If they receive cards from several people they will know their customers will support them taking action and appreciate their efforts to reduce plastic pollution.


Can we make our own posters or signs to promote the message to Wise Up to SUP's?

YES! We would love you to do that. You can download the front and back pages of the Gratitude card and the Be the Change card here (right click on the image and save it in your computer):


Gratitude Card


Be the Change Card


What if Cafes receive several or lots of cards?

Ideally that is exactly what will happen. In communities where the cards are available ....and the community is engaged in the campaign... businesses may receive multiple cards. That's great!

If they receive multiple Be the Change cards then we hope that will provide the encouragement that they need to re-think their next order of bad SUPs, look at the Plastic Free Places website, seek advice if needed (Plastic Free Places now offer 45minute consultations) and ask their suppliers for non plastic alternatives - knowing that their customers will notice and thank them for helping reduce potential plastic pollution.


Can we send you some feedback or suggestions for using the SUP cards?

YES! Your suggestions are most welcome. If you have come up with a good way to spread the bad SUP message please let us know so we can share it with others.
You can email [email protected] with any feedback.