We welcome Cafes reopening - but not more plastics

Boomerang Alliance has welcomed the reopening of cafes and restaurants, as long as they are COVID-safe. We are concerned that reverting to single-use plastic food ware and cutlery is being promoted as one of the strategies for a COVID-safe food outlet.

It is not. It is not the utensils or food ware, that are the issue but their safe handling.

We have put out this media statement to counter the rumours and advice that single-use plastic food ware is a safer and better option. 

Both Victorian Government advice (and other governments share this view) and the Australian Restaurant and Catering Association (Best Practice Cafe Guidelines COVID-19) support the continued use of a food outlet's standard, reusable foodware, not single use plastics, as the better option.

Whilst it is focused on takeaway practices, the Plastic Free Places Reusable Guide for cafes shows how simple handling changes make reusable food ware the safest option. Similar practice changes for in-house dining and food ware handling will avoid the need for single use plastics.

Using Your BYO coffee cup or container to your local cafe is quite safe

Just ask the cafe to follow these instructions.


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