Victoria will ban plastic bags - Where are you NSW?

Have you heard the news? Yesterday Premier Daniel Andrews announced that Victoria will ban single-use lightweight plastic bags. Thank you so much for supporting our campaign, this is your win!


We don't have a time frame yet but early action has been promised. Also Environment Minster Lily D'Ambrosio has just released a discussion paper called "Reducing the impacts of plastics on the Victorian environment", including about the bag ban. Public comment period is 3 months, so make sure you read it and have your say! We will certainly submit feedback and will share this with you. 

That only leaves NSW to act on plastic bags. We can tell you from our recent experience in Victoria, that when we band together and focus in on one issue and act collectively - we do get heard and achieve a positive outcome. The #BanTheBag movement is rolling faster and now is the time to give another mighty push to the NSW Premier Gladys Barajiklian and her Environment Minster Gabrielle Upton.  

Please contact your local MP to increase the pressure to ban plastic bags in NSW today! 

Banning plastic bags is an easy and obvious step in the right direction to reduce plastic pollution. Apart from preventing millions of bags from being littered and becoming a risk to our marine wildlife due to entanglement and ingestion - the bag ban is a great opportunity to educate all Australians about the global plastic pollution crisis and its wide-ranging effects on the planet and all of us. Be sure to be part of the discussion and express why this is important to you!  

Now it's time to win this national campaign once for all. Add your name to help build on this success. 

We are almost there!  

Annett Finger, Vic Campaigner