After 2500kms, 10 towns and thousands of collected containers, the successful Big Bottle Tour culminated with special deliveries to the electoral offices of Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews and Leader of the Opposition Matthew Guy - and a PRIMETIME appearance on ABC NEWS. 

Consisting of 12 sacks packed tight with containers, the urgent consignment was presented together with a resounding message from the people of Victoria - 'WE DEMAND A CONTAINER DEPOSIT SCHEME NOW!'

And ABC was there to capture the significant moment.


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As part of a news segment focusing on Victorian plastic waste being recycled into manufacturing material for road construction, the Big Bottle and a dedicated group of passionate volunteers - lead by Dr Annett Finger - showcased the tireless efforts of Boomerang Alliance's lengthy campaign for a 10 cents Container Deposit Scheme in Victoria.

With Victoria soon to be the ONLY mainland state without a 10 cents Container Deposit Scheme, Boomerang Alliance wanted the opportunity to learn views and opinions regarding the introduction of CDS.

Visiting ten towns across the state in April 2018, the Big Bottle was met with overwhelming support from the public, local councils and media who readily expressed their frustration at the inactivity from successive governments.

"With the recycling industry in Victoria on the brink of collapse due to contaminated kerbside collections, the Victorian Government needs to act quickly to implement a viable long-term solution that will deliver clean material acceptable for recycling and grow domestic reprocessing," Jeff Angel, Director of Boomerang Alliance said today. "Victoria could lead on the circular economy around plastics but only by closing the loop and maximising the quality of reclaimed resource - container deposits schemes continue to prove their effectiveness in achieving this objective."

As the EU unveils plans to prohibit single use plastic, Victorians are calling on the state government to implement a container deposit legislation without further delay. A container deposit scheme will reduce litter, increase recycling rates, decrease the contamination rate and provide great fundraising opportunities for charity and community groups, especially in regional areas

"Victorians have wanted a container deposit scheme for many years and have been let down by successive governments," Dr Annett Finger said today. "From start to finish, the Big Bottle tour has been funded, supported and hosted by the people of Victoria. I'm excited to deliver the summary report from the tour and these token containers surrounded by allies and friends."

"When you want something a lot, sometimes you have to go BIG," Dr Finger added. "The sentiment from the Big Bottle tour is very clear - Victoria says YES to CDS!"