Queensland Bans Plastic Takeaway items

In an historic decision, the Queensland Parliament unanimously passed the Waste Reduction and Recycling (Plastic Items) Amendment Bill 2020 today to ban certain single use plastics from use.

‘From 1 September 2021 plastic straws, stirrers, cutlery, plates and bowls and expanded polystyrene cups and containers will be banned,’ said Toby Hutcheon from the Boomerang Alliance

‘These are amongst the most littered items in Queensland with the most recent Clean Up Australia Report for QLD estimating that over 30% of all litter collected was plastic packaging.’

‘Queensland is the second State in Australia to introduce laws to ban single-use plastics. We congratulate the State Government on introducing this bill.’

‘We also acknowledge the LNP and the Greens who have actively supported the legislation. The bans are supported by all the major hospitality and retail industry sectors and APCO who represent the beverage and packaging sector. ‘

Major fast food and retail chains have already stopped or are about to stop supplying these items as part of the global push to reduce marine plastic pollution.

The Boomerang Alliance Plastic Free Places program, which has been active in Noosa, Cairns and Townsville, has demonstrated that cafes and events are willing and able to switch to non-plastic or reusable or certified compostable alternatives.

A 2019 IPSOS poll found that 69% of Australians supported a ban on single-use plastics. 94% of submissions about the new laws in QLD supported a ban.

The Queensland Government intends to add other plastic items such as coffee cups/lids, other plastic takeaway items and heavyweight plastic bags after further investigation.