Queensland Election - Our Policy Recommendations


The last three years in QLD have been significant for plastic reduction policies. A ban on plastic bags and a Container Refund Scheme are now law, with unanimous support from all MPs in the Parliament. Both measures will begin in July 2018.
These are the first steps in addressing single use plastic items and litter. In the next Parliament we are urging further action, particularly on takeaway items, like coffee cups, plastic utensils and containers. You can see our proposals below and attached HERE. We are asking all political parties to put takeaway plastics and improved waste policies on their agenda. You can help by raising these matters with your local candidates.

Plastic Pollution and Litter Reduction Policies (Queensland)

‘95% of plastic packaging is used once and then thrown away.’
New Plastic Economy-Ellen Macarthur Foundation/World Economic Forum Report 2016

In the next term of Parliament, we seek a new agenda on plastic reduction that builds on the good work achieved so far through the plastic bag ban and the Container Refund Scheme.

Boomerang Alliance supports the introduction of a Waste levy on all mixed wastes going to landfill in QLD, with any revenue hypothecated to resource recovery. 

1. Maintain the introduction of a ban on lightweight plastic bags (including biodegradables) and a Container Refund Scheme in July 2018.

2. Expand the plastic bag ban to include the mass release of helium balloons and include plastic bags up to 70 microns.

3. Develop a Plastic Pollution Reduction Strategy for Queensland to follow up on the introduction of a Container Refund Scheme and plastic bag ban.

4. Provide support to communities actively seeking to reduce their single- use plastic packaging and introduce an educational program to promote the switch to reusable alternatives.

5. Introduce an immediate ban on polystyrene takeaway containers and food ware.

6. Set a program for the future phase-out of single use, non-biodegradable takeaway items by 2020 (coffee cups/lids, straws, takeaway containers, food ware and water bottles) in Queensland.

Priority plastic waste streams and practices for investigation in the Plastic Pollution Reduction Strategy should include:

  •  Soft plastics and film (with focus on retail/manufacturer practices)
  •  Agricultural/industrial use of single use, disposable plastic packaging and sheeting
  •  Plastic fishing lines/nets and bait bags
  •  Away from home plastic /composite items-coffee cups/lids, straws, food ware and takeaway containers

Authorised by Jeff Angel, Director, Boomerang Alliance, 99 Devonshire St, Surry Hills, NSW 2010.