Queensland Container Refunds starts Nov 1

The Queensland Container Deposit Scheme commences on Thursday, November 1st 2018.  Is your organisation ready to share in the benefits of the scheme? 


Boomerang Alliance has worked hard to ensure that community organisations can raise funds by collecting cans and bottles through the new Container Refund Scheme. As a result, the Queensland scheme promotes two ways of returning eligible containers. Firstly, at refund points where consumers can get a refund and secondly, at donation points, where consumers donate the deposits from their containers to a community group or charity.

Over the last year, Boomerang Alliance, with the support of the QLD Government and COEX, has organised over 60 forums around Queensland to brief community organisations on how to get involved. We have engaged nearly 2000 representatives of community organisations, many of whom have now registered to be a donation point.

In Queensland, consumers buy over 3 billion drinks in eligible containers every year, so even if only 10% of deposits are donated, that's an amazing $30 million windfall for community organisations.

You can register your community organisation as a virtual or actual donation point now at the Containers for Change website https://consumer.containersforchange.com.au/create-account.   

However, only Queensland-based community organisations can apply.

For more information on how the Queensland scheme works and how you can get involved, please call 13 42 42  or visit https://www.containersforchange.com.au/