NSW ALP announce welcome commitments to reducing plastic pollution

The NSW ALP waste and recycling policy released today is a substantial set of commitments that will make a big difference to our recycling crisis and reduce plastic pollution, environment groups said today.

The combination of new funds for recycling facilities in urban and regional centres and an attack on plastic pollution is essential to the future health of our environment', said Jeff Angel, Director of Boomerang Alliance.

Credit: MichaelisScientists

'All the key stakeholders – industry, councils, environment groups and the community are ready to save recycling – what has been missing is government leadership and resources. The ALP policy sets out a good set of roles for government and engagement with stakeholders and the community.

'Unless we act quickly, NSW will see its valued resources going into landfill or incinerators. The next four years are crucial.

‘Similarly bans on single use plastics that litter the environment and pollute our oceans are necessary. There are alternatives aplenty. The sooner the state implements a plastic pollution reduction plan, the better,’ Mr Angel said.

‘We will also be looking for a comprehensive plan for government to prefer products with recycled content and support at the national level for mandatory recycled content rules. That way we can create assured markets for all the materials people want and can recycle.’