New ‘’Flushables’’ Standard an Important Advance

After years of controversy about what can be safely flushed down the toilet; the damaging impacts on the sewerage system and environment; and failed court cases by the ACCC - a new standard* will sort this mess out.

The standard released by Standards Australia and endorsed by the Water Services Association of Australia sets out strict requirements for what can be flushed and adopts a new labelling regime. Importantly, it also bans any product made from plastic, which will also assist in reducing plastic pollution of waterways and the ocean.

Boomerang Alliance made a substantial submission to the draft standard and we are pleased they have adopted our key recommendations. The next step is to make the standard and labelling mandatory, rather than voluntary; and for all purchasing organisations and individual consumers to ensure they are only buying the safe products.

* DR AS/NZS 5328:2022 Flushable Products