Multinationals join new plastic-free home delivery service

Multinational giants including Unilever, PepsiCo, Nestlé, Danone, Coca Cola and Procter and Gamble have signed up to a new plastic-free home delivery service in a game-changing development.

Powered by US-based international recycler, TerraCycle, Loop will see 300+ food, cosmetic and household cleaning products available for home delivery in sleek, reusable containers that will be picked up at your door, washed and refilled, eliminating the need for disposable containers. 



Credit: Loop

Unveiled at the World Economic Forum at Davos last week, TerraCycle CEO To, Szaky, described the new initiative as 'the milkman, rebooted.'

'It's scaled beyond milk to your laundry detergent, to your orange juice, to your razor blades, toothbrushes, cosmetic products, to shift ownership of packaging from being owned by the consumer, and effectively becoming disposable, to always being owned by the manufacturer.'

With the pilot service to launch in locations in the US and France later this year, Boomerang Alliance described the welcome initiative as 'hugely encouraging.'

'To see major multinational manufacturers entering into partnerships such as Loop is hugely encouraging and we welcome the trial of this new refill and reuse initiative,' said Boomerang Alliance deputy director Jayne Paramor

'Shifting consumers away from the perception that packaging has one life and then just goes in the bin is a major step to retrofitting our product delivery models and making our packaging work harder for us and our environment.   We already have highly efficient delivery infrastructure in place to get products to the shelf, so why not utilise that in reverse and make sure our empties get back to where they came from to be refilled and reused over and over again. 

'We will be eagerly awaiting the outcomes of trials over the northern hemisphere’s spring and summer and look forward to a similar model being implemented in the Australian market, to support shoppers in reducing their plastic footprint.'

Image: Loop US