Margaret Bradford

  • commented on VIDEO: Boomerang alliance - A force to be reckoned with 2015-10-03 17:15:23 +1000
    Say NO to plastic bags

  • commented on Contact 2017-10-26 16:46:02 +1100

    I just rang 9211 5022 and Ruth informed me that the busking I’d planned to do on Monday 30th Oct. outside the conference at Cockles Bay wharf at 6pm has been postponed till 31st Oct. before the Gala dinner. Thank you for the invitation to join you at the dinner, but Tuesday is a full day for me so I will have to say no thanks.

    I hope you may find a use for my song “Say no to Plastic bags” …

    and the conference goes well, I’d love to be joining you; I will in spirit.

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