Less Waste. Less Plastic. More Solutions.

The Australian Federal Election will take place in May 2019 and Boomerang Alliance will be following it closely. Through the election period there will be articles and media releases that will address our concern about the waste and recycling issues.

Together with the Australian Council of Recyclers (ACOR), Boomerang Alliance released 5 priority actions for the next Commonwealth Government needs to implement to solve Australia’s waste and recycling crisis. We are calling on all political parties to announce support for these measures. The five measures include investment in recycling, tax incentives for 'Buy Recycled', strengthening the Product Stewardship Act, adopting a Plastic Pollution Reduction Strategy and getting better data on waste, litter and resource recovery (see media release in resources page)
For you, our allies and supporters, this means we are seeking:
  • Funding for a Recycling Industry Development scheme of $150 million
  • Phasing out of single use plastic takeaway items (coffee cups/lids, straws, cups and containers and cutlery)
  • A national ban on plastic bags and microbeads and introduction of a CDS in every State
  • Strengthen the Product Stewardship Act to make all packaging composted or recycled before 2025
  • Adopting a national Plastic Pollution Reduction Strategy for other single use plastics
  • Support for global action and help for our neighbors deal with plastic litter and waste
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A re-elected Morrison Government will invest $203 million to increase recycling and reduce waste, protect Australia’s unique threatened species and restore our waterways and coasts.

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A Shorten Labor Government will make Australia a world leader in tackling plastic use and boosting recycling – investing $290 million to cut waste and handing on a cleaner Australia for the next generation.

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The Greens will invest $500 million over five years into infrastructure and programs to reboot recycling.

Read the full statement


Authorised by Jeff Angel, Director, Boomerang Alliance, 99 Devonshire St, Surry Hills, NSW 1240