....On the NINTH day of Christmas.. the art of furoshiki

REDUCE: Furoshiki

Forget wrapping paper, plastic labels or sticky tape. It's all about Furoshiki.

Originating from Japan, the age-old technique of wrapping gifts in a fabric of choice has made a significant resurgence in the wake of increasing environmental awareness.

Highly versatile, colourful vibrant fabric like scarfs can be found at op shops while cutting up old sheets offers the opportunity to decorate and embellish with dyes and fabric paint or pens. And tying with a ribbon gives that extra personal touch.

Affordable and eco-friendly, there are hundreds of tutorials clips with knot techniques on YouTube. And let’s be honest, all the cools kids are doing it.

FACT: Cloth wrapping has been used for over 1200 years in Japan and the word furoshiki came about during the Edo period (1603-1868) when the cloths were commonly used in bath houses to wrap clothes and as a bath mat. The word furoshiki means 'bath spread'.


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