....On the SIXTH day of Christmas, give a gift of plants

REDUCE: Sowing the seeds

They say a home without plants is a home without life.

The benefits are endless – improvement of air quality and humidity and reduction of carbon dioxide levels. They’re proven to reduce stress levels and promote calm and serenity. And let’s be real, they’re beautiful to look at.

So what could be a better gift this Christmas? But while garden centres generally exercise the use of plastic pots (often unrecyclable black plastic, no less), why not gift your friends and family with a packet of seeds. Flowers, herbs, saplings, the choice is yours.

And boost your sustainability street cred by reusing an old paper egg carton (try to avoid the Styrofoam alternative).

Cut the cups of your carton apart and pop your seed in with some soil. Experts also suggest tossing in a pinch of coffee grounds because they add nitrogen, potassium and phosphorus.

When they’re ready, plant them directly into the earth and the roots will be able to break through the paper which will break down into compost eventually. The paper will also help your newly-planted seedling's roots stay moist until it breaks down

TIP: For a truly plastic-free Christmas, dress one of your pot plants in decorations and lights and avoid chopping down a tree. When you’re done, put it back outside for another year.


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