....On the FIFTH day of Christmas, let's make Beeswax Wrap!

REDUCE: DIY Beeswax wrap

Cling film, cling wrap, cellophane, saran wrap; whatever you call it, it's all plastic. And during the festive season, millions of tonnes will be used throughout households across Australia bursting with a fridge full of Xmas leftovers.

So for a plastic-free pantry, use beeswax wraps, a natural alternative to plastic wrap for food storage.

A simple square or rectangle of cotton coated with beeswax is a traditional method to keep food fresh. And for extra bonus points, why not make your own?

There’s a huge selection of easy-to-prepare, DIY mixes and kits on the market both online and in store which allow you to simply iron-on and enjoy.

Check out online stockists Little Bumble and Beeutiful.

FACT: Washable and reusable, beeswax wrapping is a historical technique used in the 19th century to preserve food. And it’s just as effective today.


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