....On the FOURTH day of Christmas, reuse by using metal straw and cutlery!

REUSE: Metal Straw and Cutlery

As a general rule, plastic cutlery and straws are never recycled. While there may be the odd exception, most commercial recycling plants in Australia simply cannot process them due to their shape and size.

So for the al fresco diner, why not purchase a set of BA stainless steel cutlery for $12.00. Coming in an easy-to-carry pouch in shades of red, blue and purple. And let’s be real, who likes to eat and drink with plastic.

And for your drinking needs, there’s the ever-stylish BA metal straw. Buy one for $3.00 or a set of 4 for $10.00.

FACT: An estimated 10 million straws a day are used in Australia. Not million. BILLION


All profits from the sale of items in the Boomerang Alliance shop will go towards our ongoing campaigns to reduce plastic waste and pollution and protect our marine environment. 2019 will be all about eliminating single-use plastic across Australia and reducing the unnecessary plastic packaging we see in almost everything we buy… but we need your help.

We do not endorse any products or brands but rather aim to offer useful ideas on how to avoid, reuse or recycle for a 'Plastic Free Christmas'. We hope you find our suggestions helpful.


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