Time to make a switch to reusable coffee cups

In the next two years plastic coffee cups and lids will be subjected to new rules across the European Union and the UK. Some countries such as Germany will be introducing laws that all cafes offer or sell reusable cups and lids. Other countries are planning a levy on all disposable cups and lids.

With the exception of Western Australia, very little is happening in this country despite the fact that we use an estimated 1.8 billion disposable coffee cups every year. Hardly any of which are ever recovered or recycled, most get littered or landfilled.

The Boomerang Alliance and our allies are proposing a national policy on coffee cups and lids based upon actions being taken overseas. We want to see plastic coffee cups phased out by 2024, every cafe offering or selling reusable cups and lids AND a levy imposed on all disposable coffee cups and lids. We think this is the incentive we need to make reusable and BYO cups and lids common place.

Read our Position Statement on Single-Use Coffee Cups and Lids.

We would like to know what you think and asked you to complete a short survey on coffee cups. The survey has now been completed and joining forces with the Australian Marine Conservation Society (AMCS) and Clean Up Australia, we had 5400 supporters completed the survey. We plan to use the results to persuade our governments to act (at last) to get rid of disposable coffee cup litter and waste. 

Read our Media Release