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  • published Statement of Support: Cash for Containers 2015-10-29 10:36:40 +1100

    Will your organisation support Cash For Containers?

    Be a part of a broad and diverse coalition fighting for Cash for Containers around Australia. 

    Hundreds of community groups, charities and non-profit organisations around Australia have already added their name to the Cash for Containers campaign. Sign on today to endorse the Cash for Containers campaign and help make Australia litter free. 

    Whether you're a local neighbourhood group, major environmental NGO, student organisation, small business or something else, we'd love to have your support. 


    We support Boomerang Alliance's Cash for Containers model.

    A 10-cent refundable container deposit system will slash the amount of litter polluting our parks, streets, rivers and ocean. It will create new jobs in recycling and provide valuable sources of income for charities, community groups and individuals interested in collecting cans and bottles.

    Our Cash for Containers model is based on the best examples in the world and has big benefits for the entire community, economy and environment. Read more about our model here and the benefits for your organisation here.

    If your organisation is on board, add your name today. 


  • VIDEO: Boomerang alliance - A force to be reckoned with

    It took all of us to get Cash for Containers in NSW. QLD and Victoria are our next targets.
    Can you help us get the word out by sharing our video?

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