Campaign update: 3 months to win Cash for Containers

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  • Kena Mallender
    commented 2015-12-22 12:07:13 +1100
    Hi, I’m a NSW SCUBA diver. I see first hand where our un-recycled litter goes – straight into the ocean. I spend many weekends a year doing clean ups along our beaches and in our bays and inlets. I know it’s our own litter – it isn’t washed down from Asia – it’s all our own litter – you can see that from the labels. This problem doesn’t exist in SA because they have implemented a CDSONE THAT WORKS!
    We need to follow suit ASAP
  • Jonni Taylor
    commented 2015-12-09 14:34:01 +1100
    Everyone needs to get on board, Coke have been getting away with murder for decades! Receiving water next to nothing from countries governments and reselling it for major profit. Stealing underwater supply and most importantly not helping countries set up Cash for Container schemes.