Recycling and waste management take centre stage as Election approaches

The Boomerang Alliance and its 48 national, state and local NGOs allies have welcomed recycling and plastic pollution taking centre stage, albeit briefly, in the election with today’s announcement by the Coalition and the previous policy releases by the ALP and Greens.

“The problems being faced by the recycling industry and everyday households who want to recycle and plastic pollution infesting our oceans will be with us right throughout the next electoral term – when we must solve them.   The Coalition Government has been virtually silent on these matters and needed to catch up,” said Jeff Angel, Director of the Boomerang Alliance.

“Boomerang Alliance have identified Saving Recycling and Phasing-out Single Use Plastics as crucial policies for this election. All three key parties now recognise action is necessary but we need to go further, especially on single use plastics and recycled content in products such as packaging.”

The Boomerang Alliance and ACOR in a joint statement in early April called for:

  • $150 M investment in recycling. The Coalition have promised $100M, Labor $60M and the Greens match the ask
  • Strengthen and mandate Product Stewardship schemes. The Coalition have promised $20M to encourage action and Labor have promised to improve the scheme. Neither have mandated targets or included single use plastics. The Greens have agreed to mandated targets
  • A Buy Recycled program. The Coalition has promised $20M for recycling research and Labor will set government procurement targets. The Greens support an average 30% recycled content in products
  • Clean up plastics and assist our neighbours. Both major parties have promised Environmental Restoration Funds. The Coalition will provide $16M to assist Pacific Ocean clean ups and Labor $15M.The Greens plan legislation to clean up waterways and beaches

“Australia still does not have a national ban on lightweight plastics bags or a container deposit scheme in every state. Labor and the Greens support these measures but no statement from the Coalition.”

“Our message is ‘Less Waste, Less Plastic – More Solutions’.  Australia needs all political parties to step up and take action that resolves the looming crisis in recycling and plastic pollution.”


Authorised by Jeff Angel, Boomerang Alliance, 99 Devonshire St, Surry Hills, NSW 2010


Main image by Freepik