An end to green donations would rubbish Australia. Stand up with us!

Are you aware that the Australian House of Representatives Standing Committee is currently holding an inquiry into the Register of Environmental Organisations and will hold a public hearing in Sydney later in the year? The inquiry will determine whether organisations will be able to continue to receive tax-deductible donations to advocate for the protection of nature.


Almost 600 organisations dedicated to protecting nature for all Australians, including the Total Environment Centre (and therefore the Boomerang Alliance), Nature Conservation Council and Clean Up Australia could be affected and highly effective clean up days such as those which regularly de-rubbish the Cook’s River, could be jeopardised by moves from the Federal government to limit environmental advocacy.

Defunding advocacy and stifling the ability of environment groups to counteract the influence of polluters makes it an even more unequal situation when it comes to government decisions and will undermine the efforts of hundreds of community groups and thwart the public interest.

If the Standing Committee on which local Cooks River MP Nick Varvaris sits, recommends against tax-deductible donations to advocacy groups, it will have an immediate effect on places like the Cooks River and the future of community engagement.

Please ask Mr Varvaris to stand up for us ([email protected] or 02 6277 4626).

Jeff Angel,

Director and Convenor

Full media release available here.

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