Covid-19 Guide to sustainable takeaway packaging options


Dealing with COVID-19 Shut Down: How takeaway food and drink services can be plastic free

With the lockdown, many cafes are switching to takeaway and delivery services to stay in business.
Boomerang Alliance's Plastic Free Places program has released two plastic-free takeaway guides for cafes and restaurants who are switching service in response to COVID 19. The guides shows how food outlets can avoid single use plastics, and what reusable and compostable packaging options are available.

Whilst the best option is to stick to reusable foodware, using 100% compostable packaging is a good alternative option. 


Next year the coronavirus will hopefully be a thing of the past but plastic pollution won't be. It's important that we don't increase plastic waste and litter in the meantime.




  • Addresses the issue of why single-use is not safer

  • Outlines different reusable options

  • Gives practical tips for contactless transfer of food

  • Covers hygienic practices


The reusables guide can be accessed online here

or downloaded as a PDF 




  • Provides advice and the best compostable packaging products available

  • Outlines different options for different foods

  • Provides tips for reducing waste and costs

  • Advises on what compostable certifications to ask for


The compostables guide can be accessed online here

or downloaded as a PDF