Another victory for the oceans!

We have some exciting news !! 

Yesterday Premier Mark McGowan announced that Western Australia will ban plastic bags from July 2018. A time frame has also been given for Western Australia’s Container Deposit Scheme on bottle and cans. It is expected to start on 1 January 2019. 



Community pressure works and together we are unstoppable! This measure is a HUGE step away from plastic pollution and toward cleaner oceans. They will reduce litter and protect marine life.  

Please contact your local MP to increase the pressure to ban plastic bags in NSW and Victoria today!

NSW and Victoria are the only two remaining states without a ban on single use lightweight plastic bags despite a strong support from the community and businesses and countless benefits for the environment. WA Premier McGowan has publicly encouraged New South Wales and Victoria to follow Western Australia's lead and called on the NSW Premier to “get up with the times”.   

Now it's time to win this campaign once for all. Add your name to help build on this success.  We are almost there!

Jeff Angel, Director

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