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    As a Victorian recycler of Aluminium Cans since 1974. It is very disheartening to only get a small refund per kilogram from Victorian Scrap Metal dealers who rip can collectors off and under pay the true value of the precious value of renewable aluminium of about 50 cents a kilogram.While South Australia pays the CDS value of 10 cents a Aluminium can. Even more than 40 years ago back in the 1970’s South Australia payed 5 cents each for a returned recycle Aluminium or steel can. Also a problem in Victoria with recycling Aluminium or steel cans, is that there is no where close by most regional or country towns to take them to be recycled without getting under payed there true value of 10 cents each. I have to accept 50 cents a kilogram which makes it unviable to drive the long distance from my town to the nearest scrap metal dealer who only then pays less than half of what the recycle aluminium or steel can is worth, usually only 50 to 90 cents a kilogram for a large bag of crushed cans. Even back in the 1990’s Scrap metal dealers paid between $1.00 and $1.20 a Kilogram which although not as good as the South Australian CDS value was better than nothing. But today in 2019 its just not worth the effort to recycle Aluminium or Steel recyclable can in Victoria with the less than 10 cents deposit paid. In Victoria a recycled Aluminium can is only worth about 2 cents each depending on the daily scrap metal prices offered by scrap metal dealers. So sadly most people just throw aluminium or steel cans away in the non recyclable rubbish which ends up in landfill. I still try to save these aluminium cans by picking them out of unrecyclable public and council rubbish bins before they end up in landfill. But on my own I miss thousands of them, as I can’t save them all by myself, when no one else cares and keeps throwing them away in Victoria. The problem always has been in Victoria that there is not enough cash rewarded to recycle them anymore, like there used to be in the old 70s and 80s Cash A Can selling places. Whereas in South Australia the tidy state and serious recycling state it has always been profitable to get a good paying reward for recycling all Aluminium and Steel can including Glass and Plastic bottles. But as always all of Victoria is not interested in following the other participating CDS 10 cents deposit Australian States and just continues to send these valuable metal, glass and plastic renewable recyclable containers into mixed contaminated non recyclable rubbish and into landfill sites and even worse they are littered along Victorian road and everywhere where they shouldn’t be thrown away. And in Victoria this disposal and throwing away of recyclable containers by carless uncaring people is getting worse. Only the introduction of a CDS reward with 10 cent refund on all Aluminium, Steel, Glass and Plastic and Paper cartons will reverse this waste in Victoria. But the beverage companies just keep making more new containers from new resource material, while Victorians continue to throw away rather than return or recycle their used empty containers.

    While there is no CDS in Victoria. Nothing will ever change when it comes to serious recycling, except from the few dedicated caring long time recyclers like myself who get no reward and are just mocked by other people as being a bin scab for picking up and trying to save Aluminium Cans for little or no reward in Victoria?…

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    Its a total irresponsible shame that many Victorian towns and cities councils are still continuing to be using general unsorted rubbish bins that mix the contaminated waste with valuable refundable recyclable containers and send it on to landfill never to be separated or recycled. I see on a daily basis recyclable containers thrown in council rubbish bins with soiled nappies, dog dropping bags, rotten or thrown away food waste, maggots and plastic bags tied up full of recycle cans, bottles and plastic container mixed with putrid rubbish and dog droppings in together never to be separated? It is as No one seems to car, including the council about recycling or this would not happen, I would think. Even the few recyclable bins are contaminated with non-recyclable waste. As long as Victoria has no recyclable container refund scheme, people will not separate of value recyclable containers and just mix them up in non-recycle waste rubbish bins destined for disposal at a landfill. I myself as a dedicated recycler really envy the excellent environmental work of neighbouring state South Australia with their 40 years of the container deposit scheme. Victoria is such a dirty polluted un caring state when it come to proper recycling of valuable recyclable containers. The bottles and cans lying everywhere on the sides of roads and highways is a typical example of Victoria’s attitude to recycling. These throw away containers would be value in other states, but not in Victoria. And as long as Victoria fail to join in on a national recyclable container deposit scheme, the councils will and uncaring people will continue to throw away and mix recyclable containers and non-recyclable waste in public rubbish bins. So much lost renewable resources and revenue that some battlers could have made the from 10 cents refund.

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    Ask the Victorian Government to adopt a world class container deposit scheme

    2016 has been a positive year for Australia in terms of reducing beverage litter, with NSW, Queensland, WA and the ACT all commiting to a container deposit scheme (CDS). South Australia have had a CDS for decades and the Northern Territory implemented one in 2012.

    Victoria is the only mainland state that has yet to commit.


    The Boomerang Alliance is now joining forces with Victorian community organisations and groups to push for action. The Victorian government is defending inaction on CDS with questionable statistics on litter and recycling rates. We are taking actions to dispell myths, raise awareness and work to present the true cost of inaction. The feedback we get from the community is that of overwhelming support for a CDS. Cash for container schemes cut litter, increase recycling rates, create jobs and support the local community by providing income to charities willing to collect cans and bottles.

    We want Victoria to become active NOW and commit to a container deposit scheme, harmonised with other states, in 2017!


    • Sign this petition to Lily D'Ambrosio asking for a CDS

    • Sign up to our campaign and join us in clean-ups, media stunts and other actions

    • Donate to our campaign


    A container deposit scheme is based on a refundable deposit able to be redeemed by the consumer or collectors at convenient locations. In other words, people get cash for recycling their containers. There are over 40 such systems around the world including in South Australia and the Northern Territory.  In SA which has a 10 cent deposit, over 85% of containers are recycled.



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    Dear Ms D'Ambrosio,

    I support the introduction of a 10c refundable deposit on bottles and cans to clean up litter and increase recycling, in VICTORIA. Newspolls results (conducted in Nov 2013) show that I am not alone – almost 80% of Victorians agree.

    As you know container deposits have operated successfully in South Australia for nearly 40 years and they are effective in over 40 places around the world. Cash for Containers has led to a significant increase in recycling rates in the Northern Territory since introduction in 2012.

    The NSW Government has announced that they will introduce Cash for Containers – beginning in July 2017 and the Queensland Government is working to join up with NSW in 2018.  I want Victoria to be part of a harmonised east coast Container Deposit System.

    Western Australia has also indicated it intends to introduce Cash for Containers - so Victoria looks like being the last mainland state to bring in this proven policy to reduce litter and increase beverage container recycling.

    I support a modern, efficient, convenient and low-cost container deposit system. The social and economic benefits include more jobs in resource recovery and a new source of income for charities. The environmental benefits are enormous with less plastic and other pollution in our waterways, parks and roadsides.

    Litter studies by Sustainability Victoria show an increasing problem with drink containers and many of our waterways experience serious container litter. The Senate Inquiry into Marine Plastic Pollution also recommended State Governments introduce a Container Deposit System by 2020 or Federal action may be warranted. Local councils in the city and country can also benefit from Cash for Containers.

    I call on you to introduce a 10c refundable deposit on bottles and cans in VICTORIA – to reduce the litter and increase the recycling of beverage containers.

    Yours sincerely

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