Tasmania- Time to catch up with other States and Territories on Problem Plastics

The Boomerang Alliance is calling on the next Tasmanian government to commit to a catch up with other States on phasing out problem plastics. Whilst most governments have introduced plastic bans and container refund schemes, Tasmania has been slow to do either, despite years of promises.
Our key policy proposals include:
  • The phase out of problem takeaway single use plastics in line with Western Australia
  • A ban all plastic shopping bags unless they meet a reusable bag standard (designed to achieve a minimum 125 shopping cycles, with a minimum thickness of 100 microns and at least 80% recycled content)
  • A phase out of disposable coffee cups and lids by 2027. This should be coupled with requirements that all food outlets offering takeaway also provide reusable cup and container options to customers and do not provide disposable food ware for dine-in purposes. A levy on disposable cups and containers should be introduced.
  • Inclusion of wine and spirit bottles in the proposed container refund scheme for 2024
  • Enact laws to ban the release of helium balloons for non-scientific purposes and prevent the supply of helium at retail level for event and recreational balloon purposes
  • Support a national ban on cigarette filters. The World Health Organisation has advised that cigarette filters provide no benefit to human health and are not required


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