Video: Showing our politicians what world’s best looks like

The campaign to make sure NSW gets the world-class container deposit system is in full swing. We’re down to the last few weeks before the government decides whether to step up to the plate and really do something to tackle the pollution caused by discarded drink bottles and cans. Mike Baird and his advisors are currently reading through the 11,000+ submissions supporters like you have written in support of Cash for Containers.

They will come to a final decision between two options: our best-practice model, Cash For Containers, or Coke’s alternative proposal “thirst for good” – that only targets 3% of litter.

We have to keep the pressure on, and make sure our politicians make the right decision.  The NSW outcome will be the trigger for other state governments to act.

That’s why we’ve been at Parliament House in Sydney, inviting MPs from all parties to come and try out the reverse vending machine (RVM) that would be part of the Cash For Containers system.

We’ve made a short video to showcase the RVM we had there on the day. It’s the fastest in the world – as well as easy to use. Even the MPs love it!

It’s the world’s best we want when NSW gets its container deposit system – not the dodgy alternative that Coke and the drinks industry are pushing harder than ever behind the scenes.

If you’re a NSW resident, click here to tell your local MP to support a container deposit system that gets us the best technologies in the world, like this RVM

If you live outside of NSW, you can still send a message to Premier Mike Baird – click here to send him an email

It’s vital that as many voices as possible speak up and tell our politicians that NSW deserves a world-class container deposit system that the community supports, not an substandard scheme pushed by big business.

Again, thank you so much for your help.

Jeff Angel

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  • Roy Violi
    commented 2016-05-10 13:57:10 +1000
    It is sad that it has taken so long for this to happen in our state. We used to be regarded as the Premier State, which to me meant we led the way in innovations that help make Australia a better place. To be nearly 40 years behind S.A. is woeful. I often thought when I was a child “why is it only South Australians that get money back?” I often dreamed of building a recycling plant where the general public could bring their bottles and cans and get paid for them but my lack of resourcefulness has led me to never go past just being an eager recycler. I hope all of Australia gets behind this initiative and not only recycle their bottles and cans but clean up their act as far as littering the streets of this beautiful nation of ours.