QLD Election: All key parties back plastics ban

In this Queensland election: Which party has the best policies on Plastics and Waste?


When it comes to single-use plastics at least, the answer seems to be that everyone supports the proposed single-use plastics ban.

This last Term of Parliament has been significant, particularly for action to reduce plastic pollution. In 2017, the Queensland Parliament unanimously voted to introduce a lightweight plastic bag ban and establish a Container Refund Scheme for bottles and cans.

In this current parliamentary term both measures were introduced. To date, government data is showing that there has been a 70% reduction in plastic bag litter and a 54% reduction in container litter. Using your own bag when shopping is becoming the norm, whilst about 60% of beverage containers are now collected for recycling. Over 700 jobs have resulted from the Container Refund Scheme. 

We still need to see a big improvement next year, as the CRS must increase the number of collection points to make it far more convenient for everyone, something very much required if a return rate of 85%+ by July 2022 is to be achieved.

However, Queensland has made a positive start on reducing litter and plastic waste. WWF in its recent assessment declared Queensland as the best performing state when it came to tackling the plastic problem. (WWF Plastic Scorecard 2020)

There is still much to do so we asked the main political parties about their policies on plastics and key recycling issues. And a big Thank You to QCC for providing additional support for this endeavour.
We particularly wanted to know if the parties supported:
  • The proposed ban on certain single use plastics such as straws, cutlery, and plates and bowls, including expanded polystyrene items.
  • Food and Organics Collection services in every local government area that had a kerbside service
  • Investment in new recycling infrastructure and business in QLD, with the government establishing a new purchasing policy to encourage more recycling
What the three parties who responded have told us (in a nutshell):

Queensland Labor

Queensland Labor will deliver a bill to ban the supply of certain single-use plastics and undertake further consultation to include expanded polystyrene products. Labor will also develop an Organics Waste Strategy by June 2021. The Labor Government has invested $100M in a Resource Recovery Industry Development Program.

Liberal National Party

The Liberal National Party supports phasing-out single use plastics and resource recovery initiatives such as banning batteries and e-waste from landfill, a solar panel recycling facility and a Centre of Excellence for Resource Recovery in QLD

Queensland Greens

The Queensland Greens support the proposed bans on single-use plastics and will strengthen the bill. A review of waste levy exemptions will be carried out to expand the amount of waste subject to the levy. They support the introduction of FOGO collections in every LGA and strongly support the waste export ban and investment in resource recovery in Queensland. The Greens oppose waste-to-energy facilities for mixed waste and have actively supported Ipswich locals in their campaigns to have these proposals stopped.

The Boomerang Alliance leaves it with you about which party you choose to support at this election. The good news is that all parties are backing legislation to ban problematic single-use plastics and all parties have recognised the value of a better resource recovery industry in Queensland.

Authorised by Toby Hutcheon, Campaign Manager, Boomerang Alliance, 99 Devonshire St, Surry Hills 2010

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