NSW - Act Now on Plastic Pollution!

Over the last 12 months, NSW government developed a 'discussion paper' on a range of sources of plastic pollution and called for public submissions, admitting: "There is a growing recognition of the impact of plastic on our natural environment and human health and we need a comprehensive and bold response to this important issue."

In that time, 3 states and the ACT have introduced legislation to ban single-use items like straws, cutlery, plates, polystyrene and stirrers - all feature prominently in litter that flows into the ocean. And NSW has not even banned plastic bags - even though every other state did years ago. How much longer must we wait for the NSW government to enact legislation and new policies to stop plastic pollution? 

Times up!

We have just issued our 11-point plan to stop plastic pollution and we need your support to push the Environment Minister into quick action. You can easily send him a message by completing the form below.

Let's get NSW moving on plastic pollution.



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