Cash for Containers - Australia-Wide!

Our long running campaign for a national container deposit scheme (CDS), supported by thousands of people and dozens of environment groups has had great success with the last two states joining up.

Tasmania is currently working on scheme design and will shortly convene an expert group to assess the NSW approach; and the Qld system which is beverage industry dominated. We believe that big bottlers like Coke and Lion should not be responsible for the rollout of collection points as it is in their interest to reduce refunds (which are imposed on all sales) with inconvenient facilities. NSW has a separate network operator.

Victoria announced its new recycling strategy with CDS as a centrepiece. It’s the second biggest market in Australia so the stakes are high as to who controls the CDS. It will start in 2023 or sooner. We will be working hard over the next 12 months to get the best CDS in both states.


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